A Second ElectraChime Long Bell Door Chime

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Brian B. of Great Neck New York writes: "You have made my home complete." Brian didn't mention that this Coronet with three brass bells is his second ElectraChime purchase for a new home. Shot on an iPhone. 



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This is the Doorbell of the Age of Aquariums.

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ElectraChime Metro Long pipe doorbell near an aquarium in Grand Rapids MichiganYou must  be of a certain age to get the reference to the 1967 musical Hair, but people—and fish—of all ages can appreciate a pleasant door chime.

Here's what Martin H. writes from Grand Rapids:

We love our ElectraChime. It's a nice resonant sound which we need because our house is a large two story Mid Century Modern.



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Does this Couple have their Priorities Straight?

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ElectraChime Empire Compass doorbell helps relationship

ElectraChime Compass Tubular Doorbell in Richmond Virginia Home

"My wife gave me an Empire Compass rose doorbell for my birthday, and the first thing I did in our new house after closing on it was to install it. It looks fabulous, and we could not be more pleased! Thanks so much!"

I'd say Kyle and Nicole's relationship rings true. 

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Are Joey and Chandler expected soon?

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I wonder if the two Friends are about to ring the doorbell and take their places in the dual Barcalounger in the room beyond the ElectraChime Metro Walnut door chime with three nickel plated tubular bells. 

They would be are sure to admire the starburst wallpaper in this oh-so-tastefully renovated Mid-Century home in suburban Saint Louis. 

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The Sun never sets on the ElectraChime Empire

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"The empire on which the sun never sets" describes certain global empires that were so extensive there was always at least one part of their territory that was in daylight. It was originally used for the Spanish Empire, mainly in the 16th and 17th centuries, and for the British Empire, mainly in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The name Empire is appropriate for a line of vintage-style door chimes since long chime doorbells were first introduced in the early 1930s which coincided with the zenith of the British Empire. 

Empire Doorbell on the left welcomes visitors on the East Coast of North America  while the other serves on the West Coast. The ElectraChime Metro, with horizontal lines reminiscent of the International Style of Architecture, graces a wall in Sydney, Australia. 

As ElectraChime door chimes have been installed on six continents, the Sun never sets on the ElectraChime Empire. 


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What does this Door Chime have in common with this Pitcher?

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Rachel Delphia, a Curator at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Art was combing through the notes and drawings of one of the 20th Century's preeminent industrial designers in preparation for an exhibit. Serendipitously, Rachel found this post at ElectraChime's companion site, the Doorbell Museum.

The astute Curator instantly recognized the "Skyline" Door Chime as the work of Peter Muller-Munk. “The touchstone for him as a designer is the idea of bringing ‘beauty, reason and order’ to the rituals of everyday life,” Ms. Delphia told the New York Times. 

In November of 2015, this never-used Skyline will take it's place among Munk's other icons of design including the Normandie Pitcher. ElectraChime is honored to lend a hand toward furthering appreciation of Muller-Munk's work. 

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Can you Spot the ElectraChime Upstairs?

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Photo courtesy of Covington Homes

Talk about attention to detail. This house does.

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