Heard Throughout House

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ElectraChime Bamboo Long Bell Door Chime in Canonsburg Pennsylvania ElectraChime Bamboo Door Chime with three Nickel-Plated Bells.

We love our new doorbell! It fits the space perfectly and sounds wonderful. Can definitely hear it throughout the house..

~Derek W. and Vince K., Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

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I'll take the stairs!

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Greig from Campbell, California writes:

One of my favorite items in my project house is the traditional doorbell chime. It sounds great. 

It certainly makes me want  to climb the stairs to see the rest of the house! 

ElectraChime Coronet cover painted to match trim color. 

Please post a reply. 

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Keith and Katherine's modern Cape Cod

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ElectraChime Oak Metro with three nickel bells

Hello Robert,

Thanks so much for making a great doorbell. We love it. We've designed our home as a modern interpretation of a Cape Cod with real materials, and the new doorbell complements our style with a richness of real chimes; not those cheap processed sounds from the electronic boxes. And such a prompt delivery. Showed up quickly and installed very easily.

We were glad we found you on the web. Keep up the good work.

Keith and Katherine — Plymouth, Massachusetts

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This Client Photo and Note Says It All

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"Here is our new ElectraChime at home in Alameda.  The niche is occupied again, and it looks and sounds great!  Thanks for your work, Eric."

ElectraChime Empire Tubular Doorbell with two brass bells. 

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How high is too high?

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The answer isn't entirely existential when it comes to doorbells. Still, there is no single answer. ElectraChimes are meant to be seen, and heard. As a rule of thumb, we recommend the top of the chime be hung just above eye level at about six and one half feet on a standard eight foot wall.

Here are two installations close to the the ceiling. 

In the first example, a Coronet with a custom walnut cover and nickel-plated bells rests comfortably in a newly constructed home in Connecticut. The homeowner could have built the chime niche anywhere they wanted, yet chose a location near the ceiling.  

The Texas installation at right is a Coronet with three brass bells at the former location of a more modest doorbell. This negated the need for the homeowner to move the wires and patch the wallpaper. 

As a practical matter, playful children and pets are less likely to play with the tubular bells when they are mounted just out of reach. 

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