There is a grand house on the street where I grew up.

My brother and I rang their doorbell once a year—on Halloween. All the other houses in the neighborhood had doorbells that sounded ordinary. This doorbell was enchanting. When the kindly couple opened the door, I marveled at the still resonating, beautiful, long bells. That doorbell was a treat for the eyes and ears.

Long chime doorbells adorned homes from the 1930s through the 1960s before disappearing from the market. Many of the finest homes still have a recessed alcove, nook or niche to frame and protect a door chime.

I always wanted a long chime doorbell.

While remodeling my own home I looked in every home center for a long chime door bell. The major manufacturers including NuTone, Rittenhouse and Edwards have long since left the quality long-bell door chime business. All I found were cheap doorbells absolutely lacking in appearance and sound. Even worse, most new door chimes were

electronic chimes that beeped and chirped. Long Chime doorbells were simply not available. And vintage long chime doorbells were surprisingly scarce, and even if you find one, the bells are usually cracked and the mechanisms no longer functional. So, I set out to craft my own.

After long hours of product development, a working chime was born. I even consulted with an Academy Award winning sound engineer to make sure the sound was perfect. After seeing mine, an acquaintance with a bare chime nook commissioned a doorbell. I built another and ElectraChime was born.

Today, ElectraChime offers a complete line of long bell door chimes for every decor. Made in California and shipped worldwide.

ElectraChime makes your house look—and sound—welcome. 

Chief Ding-Dong Officer