• What is ElectraChime’s mission?

    At ElectraChime, we strive to make your house look—and sound—welcome.

  • Are ElectraChime products in stock? How fast do you ship?

    Yes. all ElectraChime products are in stock. We are usually able to ship the next business day after an order is received.


  • Are ElectraChime doorbells compatible with Ring and other Video Doorbells?

    Yes. ElectraChime doorbells are wired "mechanical" doorbells. Ring, Skybell and other video doorbell manufacturers specify a wired mechanical door chime for inside the home. With an ElectraChime you can enjoy the sculptural elegance and high-quality sound of a long-bell door chime along with the high-tech features of a cloud based video doorbell.

  • Are ElectraChime products guaranteed?

    Every ElectraChime is guaranteed for a full year from the date of purchase. Simply return your chime and it will be repaired or replaced.

  • Does ElectraChime ship internationally?

    Yes. ElectraChime long bell chime doorbells are shipped worldwide. ElectraChimes have been successfully installed in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Mexico and many other countries.

    To order outside the United States, simply select your home country from the drop down menu during checkout.

    Country Drop Down Menu
  • Are ElectraChime products guaranteed?

    Yes. ElectraChime stands behind our products.

    Every ElectraChime is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a full year from the date of purchase. Your chime  will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of ElectraChime. Damaged electrical components due to faulty wiring or defective doorbell pushbuttons may be subject to charges for new components. 

  • Will an ElectraChime fit in a niche in my wall?

    ElectraChime’s look as good in a door chime niche, alcove, recess or nook as they do on a standard, flat wall. ElectraChimes are designed and proportioned to fit most existing chime niches, nooks or alcove that are at least 40 inches tall. Please contact us if you have a shorter or longer doorbell nook, niche or alcove as we can usually customize the length of the bells to fit your individual needs.

    Please check the specifications tab to make sure your preferred ElectraChime fits inside the dimensions of your niche. Empty space above, below and on either side of the doorbell is desirable.

    If you are building a new home or extensively remodeling an existing home, please consider adding a door chime niche for an ElectraChime.

    Nook Diagram
  • Do the Tubular Bells actually make the sound I hear from the doorbell?

    Yes. The long bells are struck electro-mechanically, just as one might strike a drum or bell. Our bells are constructed of metal alloys chosen especially for their musical qualities. The tubes are carefully tuned to the best possible tone and pitch.

    The different length of the tubular bells sound two distinct notes. The chamber of air within the bell also vibrates, adding harmony and a long sustain. When struck in succession by the electrical mechanism, the shorter bell produces the "ding" and the longer bell produces the "dong". When the rear or side door button is pushed, only the shorter bell is struck for the “ding” so you know your caller is waiting at the back door.

    When equipped, the third center bell is decorative and does not affect the sound.

  • What is the difference between your doorbells with two and three long tubes?

    The optional third bell is entirely decorative; some people simply prefer the look of three bells. Both three and two bell ElectraChime Long Chime Doorbells ring the familiar, two-note “ding-dong” melody for the front door, and a single “ding” for the rear or side door.

  • What is the difference between Nickel-Plated Brass and Brass Bells?

    Brass bells ring crisp, traditional notes with rich tones and a long sustain. Our brass bells are polished to a satin finish that provides an elegant luster. Brass bells are clear coated to prevent tarnish.

    Brass bells may be cleaned with mild soap and water. Do not use abrasives or solvents to clean brass bells.

    Brass Bells

    Nickel-plated brass bells are brass bells plated with a thin coat of nickel to provide a silver color. Nickel-plated brass bells ring the same crisp, traditional notes as our brass bells. The plating has no distiquishable effect on the tone. Nickel-plated brass bells are polished to a satin finish that complements stainless steel appliances, nickel and other bright finish hardware.

    Nickel-plated brass bells may be cleaned with a solution of diluted household ammonia.Do not use abrasives or solvents to clean brass bells.

    Nickel Bells

  • How loud are ElectraChime Doorbells? Will I hear it everywhere in my house?

    ElectraChime doorbells are rated at 80 decibels (80 db) at one meter. This means a sound measuring device one meter from the doorbell records a peak output of 80 db. This is equivalent to the sound level of other devices designed to get your attention, such as an end of cycle buzzer on a washing machine or your car’s warning that you left your key in the ignition.

    ElectraChime Doorbells are “clear as a bell” so your ears can easily differentiate the sound of the doorbell from ambient noise in your home. ElectraChimes are only sounded on those occasions when you have a caller—and then with musical notes—so your attention is gained free from alarm or annoyance. After the initial notes, the bells have a long sustain audible for as long as 45 seconds.

    Many other factors affect your ability to hear any doorbell including your personal hearing, other noises in the environment and the number of walls and closed doors between you and the doorbell. Our customers find that ElectraChime Long Chime Doorbells are louder, yet sound much better, than other wired and wireless doorbells on the market today.

    In multi-story or extremely large homes, two or more doorbells may be wired in series.

  • Can I adjust the volume if my ElectraChime is too loud?

    Yes, you may wrap some thin tape around the very tops of the bells where the plungers strike to reduce the volume. Our customers almost always find the call of an ElectraChime pleasant and seldom find it necessary to reduce the volume.

  • What are the electrical requirements for an ElectraChime doorbell?

    Most likely, your house is already correctly wired for an ElectraChime. If you have a working wired chime now, installing your new ElectraChime can be completed in minutes. Our chimes operate with any standard doorbell transformer that produces between 8 and 20 volts. A 16 volt transformer is recommended. Please refer to the wiring diagram included with the instructions for details.

    All ElectraChime products are equipped with circuitry for a front door and an optional rear or side door application. Simply hook up one wire to your front door button and another to the transformer. For rear or side door operation, just connect the third wire leading to your back door to the terminal marked “rear” on the ElectraChime mechanism.

    Outside of North America, most countries use 220 or 240 volt house current. A suitable transformer that matches the input from your main wiring is available at any well-stocked hardware store or DIY center. Suitable transformers may also be ordered online. Output voltage should be between 8 and 16 volts for best results. The Greenbrook DAT01A is a suitable transformer and may be ordered online from various retailers.

    Never connect an ElectraChime to house current. If you are uncertain or uncomfortable working with electricity, hire a qualified Electrician or handyman.

    Wiring Diagram

  • What will I find in the box?

    ElectraChime Doorbells are carefully packed for shipment.

    Inside the box you will find:

      Complete installation instructions
      Brass or Nickel-plated long tubular bells
      Mounting hardware

  • How do I install an ElectraChime Doorbell and what tools do I need?

    Complete instructions and a wiring diagram are supplied with every ElectraChime. Mounting hardware for drywall or plaster walls are included. Installation takes approximately fifteen minutes.

    ElectraChimes are easily installed with a screwdriver and a drill driver with a 3/16 inch (5 mm) drill bit. It is helpful to have a pencil and some tape or paper with which to mark the wires when replacing an existing chime.

    Turn off the power to your transformer or switch off the entire house power at the service entrance before working on your doorbell. Make a note of which wires are connected to the terminals on your old doorbell and mark them with a small piece of tape or paper as “Front”, “Transformer” and if present, “Rear”.

    Hang the ElectraChime mechanism using the supplied hardware. Reconnect the wires to the “Front”, “Trans” and, if present, “Rear” terminals. Please refer to the wiring diagram for details.

    Hang the two or three bells from the mechanism and remove the tape and rubber band that retains the top plunger for shipping. Turn the power back on to the transformer.

    With the help of an assistant pushing the doorbell on your voice instruction, adjust the left and right bell by moving the thumb nuts until you obtain a clear and un-muffled note from each bell.

    Never wire an ElectraChime directly to house wiring. If you are uncertain, contact a qualified contractor or electrician.

  • What do I do if I need parts or service?

    We carry replacement parts for all ElectraChime models.

    We have some parts available for vintage doorbells. Please contact us if you are looking for two, three or four bells in brass or nickel-plated brass as a replacement for lost or damaged bells for a vintage chime.

    It is essential that you provide a photo of what remains of your existing mechanism in order that we may properly fit the new bells.

    We can also supply a new cover if yours is lost, damaged or worn. In many cases we can custom manufacture new parts for an existing door chime. Custom orders are welcome.

  • Where in my home should I hang an ElectraChime?

    ElectraChime Doorbells are designed to be seen and heard. Choose a location where your chime can be heard all over your house. The front entrance hall, the living room or dining room are typical locations. In two story homes, a door chime is often installed on a wall midway between the top and bottom floors or on a stairway landing.

    Many homeowners, prefer to install an ElectraChime where callers will see it when they enter the home.

    We recommend choosing a spot where the case is just at or above eye level. Six and one half feet (78 inches) above your finished floor is ideal in a room with standard eight foot walls. If your ceilings are higher, you may choose to elevate the chime above eye level.

    There are no firm rules, so hang your ElectraChime where it suits you.

  • Can ElectraChime make shorter or longer bells to fit my needs?

    Yes, ElectraChime can make shorter or longer bells to fit your particular space requirements.

    Occasionally, you may find a light switch, thermostat or other feature beneath the doorbell that can not be moved. Some Doorbell niches found in the Eastern United States are too short to accommodate a standard height ElectraChime.

    Doorbells with an overall length of less than 28 inches as measured from the top of the case to the bottom of the longest bell are generally not recommended. Doorbells of greater than 60 inches in overall height are similarly not recommended.

    There is usually no additional charge for shorter bells. Longer bells have an additional cost of $40 to $60 per tube depending on the bell material and the length you require.

    Please contact us or call +1 (877) 839-8931 with your specific needs.

  • Do you make custom doorbells?

    Yes, ElectraChime manufactures custom doorbells.

    We can build a door chime to fit your personal needs. Many clients want to use the same material as their floors, moldings or cabinets. Other times, a client wants to match the style of a favorite piece of furniture.

    Please contact us or call +1 (877) 839-8931 to provide an idea of what you are looking for in a custom door chime.

  • How do I order a custom doorbell?

    Call ElectraChime at +1 (877) 839-8931 or send us a detailed email using our contact form. Please include a photograph of what you are aiming for. This photograph might be a doorbell you have seen, a favorite piece of furniture or material, or the location of your house where your chime will be installed.

  • How long does it take to get a custom doorbell?

    It depends. Mild customization of a stock ElectraChime doorbell, such as custom length bells, may only take a few days. Other customizations may take as long three to six weeks depending on the complexity of the design and our work load.

  • Do you restore vintage doorbells or provide parts for old doorbells?

    ElectraChime takes on several restoration projects each year. Contact us with photographs of your existing doorbell including a close-up of the mechanism, cover and the tops of the bells.

    ElectraChime will provide a written estimate and timing for a complete or partial restoration.

    ElectraChime may be able to supply replacement bells, and in many cases a replacement mechanism or cover to replace damaged or missing parts.

    Please send photos of your existing chime mechanism, cover and bells in order for us to determine if we can help.

  • Do you make wireless or battery operated doorbells?

    All ElectraChimes are wired doorbells and require a transformer, a wired button at the front and optional wired doorbell for a second door.

    We do not currently offer battery powered or wireless doorbells. In the future, we may offer a wireless option.

  • Do you have chimes that play the Westminster or other multi-note melody?

    All ElectraChimes play the standard ding-dong melody for the front door, and a single note “ding” melody for the rear or side door.

    We do not currently offer Westminster sequence doorbells. In the future, ElectraChime may offer a multi-note doorbell.  

  • Are ElectraChime’s adjustable?

    ElectraChimes are precision engineered for years of trouble free operation. Each chime is tested before shipment.

    Our AccuTone adjustment system allows you to further fine tune the horizontal distance between the striker mechanism and each bell for optimal acoustics after installation. Adjustment is achieved without tools by turning the hanger nut that suspends each bell.

  • How do I maintain my ElectraChime?

    ElectraChime cases, and bells should be lightly dusted regularly. When necessary the case may be cleaned with a mild soap solution such as Murphy’s Oil Soap.

    Occasionally, you should remove the cover and lightly dust the mechanism or gently blow it clean with compressed air as you would a computer keyboard.

    Never oil any part of the mechanism or plungers.

    Never use solvents, an abrasive pad, sandpaper or steel wool to clean brass or nickel-plated brass bells.

    Brass bells are best cleaned with a mild liquid soap and water solution like these Method products.

    Nickel-plated bells are best cleaned with Steel for Real cleaner from Method. This cleaner leaves a protective coat on the bells that helps prevent fingerprints.

    Method cleaners are available at leading retailers and Amazon.com.

  • Where are ElectraChimes manufactured?

    ElectraChime Doorbells are proudly manufactured in the United States of America. Our manufacturing facility is in Marin County, California, about 15 miles north of San Francisco.

    We ship worldwide.

  • Do you have a sales agent or show room?

    All ElectraChime products are sold directly through our website, www.ElectraChime.com.

    We make every attempt to make our website user friendly and accurate. If you have suggestions for improving the website, please contact us.

  • Does ElectraChime employ sustainable manufacturing and shipping practices?

    Yes. We use green building practices. Whenever possible, we source materials from local cabinet shops and businesses that might otherwise end up in the landfill. We use lumber from sustainable sources. ElectraChime makes extensive use of recycled shipping materials.

    We especially enjoy building custom chimes from leftover or salvaged building materials supplied by our customers to match their hardwood floors, trim or built-in cabinetry.