Taking turns ringing their new ElectraChime

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The electricians finally got to installing our doorbell!! Everyone is taking turns ringing it. What a fun addition to our new home. The kids found out that if you push in the button and hold for a second it sounds the best because there is room between the ding and the dong. We love it!! Thanks so much for all your help and our awesome doorbell.

Joyce L. Belchertown, MA

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Dogs love Door Chimes. Just ask Koji.

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Here's Koji posing near Steve's new Coronet with a natural finish in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Bells and dogs go together. Check with Pavlov about that.

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Keith and Katherine's modern Cape Cod

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ElectraChime Oak Metro with three nickel bells

Hello Robert,

Thanks so much for making a great doorbell. We love it. We've designed our home as a modern interpretation of a Cape Cod with real materials, and the new doorbell complements our style with a richness of real chimes; not those cheap processed sounds from the electronic boxes. And such a prompt delivery. Showed up quickly and installed very easily.

We were glad we found you on the web. Keep up the good work.

Keith and Katherine — Plymouth, Massachusetts

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