Mystery Solved by ElectraChime

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ElectraChime Ribbon Long Bell Door Chime in Portland, Oregon Chime Niche

ElectraChime Ribbon Door Chime with Two Brass Bells

Hi. We’re really enjoying our new chime. For years I was wondering why we had an odd space built into our wall. Once I figured it out, I searched for years for something that would fit. Your product did the trick! It looks great. 

~Tim H., Portland, Oregon

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As if the Nook was made for the ElectraChime

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ElectraChime Ribbon with Three Brass Bells

Hello -

Just finished installing our beautiful ElectraChime!  They fit the nook perfectly as if the nook was intentionally designed for them.  Great product and great service.

~Kyra and David C. Denver, Colorado

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An All American Door Chime

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Check out this All American  ElectraChime Coronet install in Akron.

"Love the new chime, more importantly the wife loves it even more! Thank you for the amazing craftsmanship and service!"

~Doug D., Akron, Ohio

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ElectraChime Long Chime Doorbells Made to Measure for Your Home.

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ElectraChime can supply shorter—or longer— length bells to fit your individual space requirements. 

Standard ElectraChime lengths at approximately 39 inches from the top of the cover to the bottom of the longest bell are ideally sized for most existing recesses. Occasionally, a shorter niche is encountered. 

This Columbus, Ohio home has a niche approximately 38 inches tall. We were able to provide an ElectraChime Ribbon doorbell with the bells reduced in size to an overall height of 36 inches to perfectly fit the niche. An ElectraChime can be as short as 24 inches although the shorter the bells, the higher the pitch. 

If you need a custom sized ElectraChime to fit a space limited by features in your house, such as a thermostat, light switch or molding, we're here to help Contact ElectraChime.

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