A Holiday Ribbon from ElectraChime

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ElectraChime Ribbon Door Chime with three brass bells.

We just got our chime today and already have them installed. Just in time for the holidays! They look and sound lovely.

~Michael E. Saint Louis, Missouri

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1938 Foyer is Again Fit for Guests.

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Fits perfectly in the foyer niche of our 1938 house!  Thanks.

—Steven N. Los Angeles, California

ElectraChime Ribbon with two nickel-plated brass bells.

Made in USA    Shipped Worldwide

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Two Niches and a Wall finished with a Ribbon Door Chime

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Hi there, my wife got me this for Xmas and I love it. Thank you.

Doug M. Queens, New York.

Our new doorbell completes the entryway in our 1940s Oakland Home.

Oakland, California


Ribbon Door Chime
Port Orchard, WA

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The Door Chime is Key

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ElectraChime Ribbon with three nickel-plated brass bells

Thanks for the stylish new doorbell!


Steve J. 
Los Angeles, CA

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A Ribbon in the San Fernando Valley

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We just installed our ElectraChime, and it's the perfect addition to our vintage home!

~Rebecca and Douglas, Burbank, CA

ElectraChime Ribbon Door Chime with three nickel-plated brass bells. 

Made in USA    Shipped Worldwide

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ElectraChime Long Chime Doorbells Made to Measure for Your Home.

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ElectraChime can supply shorter—or longer— length bells to fit your individual space requirements. 

Standard ElectraChime lengths at approximately 39 inches from the top of the cover to the bottom of the longest bell are ideally sized for most existing recesses. Occasionally, a shorter niche is encountered. 

This Columbus, Ohio home has a niche approximately 38 inches tall. We were able to provide an ElectraChime Ribbon doorbell with the bells reduced in size to an overall height of 36 inches to perfectly fit the niche. An ElectraChime can be as short as 24 inches although the shorter the bells, the higher the pitch. 

If you need a custom sized ElectraChime to fit a space limited by features in your house, such as a thermostat, light switch or molding, we're here to help Contact ElectraChime.

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Arched Doorbell Niche sports a customized ElectraChime

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Photos courtesy of K. Beck

Here's one of my favorite doorbell niche treatments. Painting a light background contrasted with a tasty wall color really frames the doorbell. K. Beck of Portland, Oregon, wanted a doorbell that complimented her taste for her mid-century renovation: 

I’m a big fan of restoring older homes. I like updates that incorporate modern functionality, but retain the charm of the past. Electrachime was a perfect solution for that. We have Mahogany woodwork throughout our house and Robert was kind enough to match the stain of our woodwork so it fit perfectly.

We have a lot of artwork in our home, so it was important to select neutral wall colors to allow the artwork and decor, like the chimes, to become the feature points. The wall color in our entryway is a Benjamin Moore color called Alexander Beige (HC-77) and the color for the ceiling and chime niche are an older Behr color called Clear Moon (PWN-30).

We are thrilled and delighted with out new chimes. Renovations can be really challenging. Lots of things go wrong, take longer then you expect, or cost a lot more than estimate. ElectraChime was willing to customize the wood and the product arrived quicker than expected and on budget, it was easy to install, and it is a great finishing touch to our entryway. Color me a big fan!

This chime is a customized Ribbon doorbell in Mahogany. If you are interested in your own custom doorbell, please let us know. We're here to help.

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