David hasn't decided what color to paint his new ElectraChime

Posted on November 06, 2016 by Robert Dobrin | 1 Comment

David B. chose an unfinished Coronet with three nickel-plated brass bells for his newly constructed chime niche. As his new kitchen nears completion he ponders what color to paint the cover. The wall color is a contender. Any suggestions for David?

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Tisa @ PaperAdventures
Tisa @ PaperAdventures

November 08, 2016

Love the photo and can envision a darker version of the wall color WITH the French word for chimes, ‘Carillon’ , written in some fancy gold script on the cover. Simple, chic, eye-catching.
And Robert, I love the story behind your company—and thanks for your purchase of a vintage 1947 Edwards catalog from me—the story just makes it all so memorable!

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