• Fill a doorbell niche with an ElectraChime Doorbell
  • ElectraChime Metro Tubular Doorbell for Contemporary Homes.
  • ElectraChime Empire Tubular Doorbells for Art Deco and Streamlined Homes.
  • ElectraChime Coronet Tubular Door Chimesl for Traditional Homes
  • ElectraChime long tube doorbells

Long Tube Doorbell Chimes

Make a lasting first impression with a doorbell chime that rings on real tubular bells. You'll enjoy the sculptural elegance of a tubular door chime even when the bells are silent.

Choose the ElectraChime that suits your décor and personal style from our catalog of vintage, period-authentic and contemporary doorbells.

The Empire is ideal for 1930s Art Deco and Streamlined Modern homes. The versatile Coronet suits Colonial, Traditional and Victorian Homes. The Comet has Mid Century atomic Flare. The Metro is a sophisticated contemporary doorbell.

ElectraChime door chimes installs in minutes to replace almost any wired doorbell. Equally handsome on a flat wall or recessed in a door chime niche or nook.

ElectraChime wired doorbells are compatible with most modern video doorbell systems.