The Best Kind of Doorbell Trouble!

Posted on February 02, 2018 by Robert Dobrin | 0 Comments

ElecElectraChime Coronet with three nickel-plated tubes finished to match decor. 

The ElectraChime Door Chime was installed at my mother's house for her 91st birthday.  

A pipe broke in her home a few months ago putting her in the unpleasant position to have need of remodeling.  At her age it was not an easy idea to undertake.  We just finished in time for her birthday, and the final piece was to remove a long ago worn out door chime installed when her house was built in the early 1950's.

Her five children grew up with that door chime, and often were "in trouble" for repeatedly ringing the bell, because, well, who can resist a beautiful door chime?  So, our entire family enjoyed learning of your company, and the ability your work gave us to restore her home back for her, including the addition of this beautiful door chime and it's great sound.  

The great grandchildren have already been "in trouble" for running outside to ring it again and again during our  birthday celebration last weekend!  We all love it, and thank you.

~ Nancy H., Carthage, Missouri

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