A Warmer Winter With ElectraChime

Posted on March 04, 2021 by Robert Dobrin | 0 Comments

ElectraChime Ribbon Tubular Door Chime in Burlington VermontElectraChime Ribbon Long Bell Door Chime with Three Nickel-Plated Brass Bells

I searched online extensively before finding ElectraChime. All I could find was cheap (cost and quality) chimes. 

I did buy and return a comparably priced chime, which looked good but the sound turned out to be a buzzer and literally scared everyone in our house when the doorbell was pushed.

My second choice was an atomic chime but the reseller was unable to send me audio of the chime (their web site link to the sound file was broken) so I passed, which I’m glad I did.

As you know, sound is so important! I also appreciate the overall quality of your product and the level of detail on your site. Shipping was also well done; timely and safely packaged.

Thanks again.

~Mark H.; Burlington, Vermont

Made in USA    Shipped Worldwide

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