Tudor meets ElectraChime and Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Posted on May 06, 2020 by Robert Dobrin | 0 Comments

ElectraChime Ribbon Door Chime in 1936 Tudor Home in San Mateo California

ElectraChime Ribbon in San Mateo, California


Consistent with others have said, here is my brief write-up. Have been meaning to replace an old chime unit that has been in our house over 30 years - we've been in the house for 22 years, but felt it was time to replace and wanted the traditional look of a chime to keep to the charm of our 1936 tudor in San Mateo.

Took the time of the pandemic to take on some home projects and ElectraChime being somewhat local and with high reviews I decided to order. 

The delivery was flawless and the installation was very easy - installed it in just under an hour. Looks great and the chime can be heard throughout the house and works perfect with a Nest Hello Video Doorbell.

Thanks for the wonderful product and service!


David A. ; San Mateo, California

Made in USA    Shipped Worldwide



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