Happy Early Thirteenth Anniversary

Posted on March 29, 2020 by Robert Dobrin | 0 Comments

ElectraChime Ribbon Tubular Door Chime with three brass bells

ElectraChime Ribbon Door Chime with three brass bells

Good afternoon!

We've been planning to buy an ElectraChime doorbell for a few years now, ever since we found out about them and one of us had an excellent phone call with the "Chief Ding Dong Officer" who answered all of our questions and told us about his process.  

As we "shelter in place" here in our state to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, we've found ourselves with more time on our hands for little home projects here and there. We decided to use some of our tax refund plus some saved anniversary money to buy ourselves a new craftsman-made real chime doorbell for the niche in our 1950's hallway. We installed it today and we are in love. Such a pretty sound! There was a little box doorbell from the 80's or 90's up there when we moved in, but as our brother-in-law said when we shared pictures of the new chimes with family, "It looks great and like it's always been there!" This is either happy early 13th anniversary or happy late 12th anniversary to us.

We also thought perhaps by ordering now we could do our part to strengthen the doorbell sector of the  economy during this challenging time. ;)
Stay safe and healthy, thanks for the great customer service and fast shipping, and thanks for making beautiful "real" doorbells available to all of us out here!
~Brian and Maria W.; Skokie, Illinois

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