FINALLY!!! A Year Later It's hanging, chiming and looking beautiful

Posted on April 28, 2020 by Robert Dobrin | 0 Comments

ElectraChime Comet with three nickel bells in Seaview, Washington

Seriously, it has taken me THIS LONG to get my beautiful chime up in my new home. Who would guess that building a home could involve so many problems and delays. I am truly weary. But I’m finally in and unpacking, getting all lights and electronics installed, and enjoying the space I have long envisioned and worked so hard to create.

We talked in 2018 after I selected the perfect spot for a long-bell chime and was doing my research on where to find one. I was so excited to discover that you were making them right in California (I lived in So Cal for 49 years). So I ordered after getting your input, and since then that chime has been waiting patiently for me in its box, first at my electrician’s shop for almost a year, and then for several months in my home, carefully covered by towels, drop cloths and plastic as workers carried on! It is finally installed, looking lovely and sounding divine.

The chime hangs on a wall between the living room and mudroom, at the base of the stairs, fully visible from my completely open kitchen. I’ll send wider-angle photos after my furniture arrives, paper is off the floors, boxes away, etc. But I wanted you to see how nice it looks already. I greatly appreciate your fine craftsmanship and am proud to have one of your creations in my home.

~Michele M.; Seaview, Washington


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