An ElectraChime is the Hero in this Saga

Posted on March 01, 2020 by Robert Dobrin | 0 Comments

ElectraChime Vintage Style Art  Deco Door Chime in Arlington Hill, Illinois

ElectraChime Compass with three Brass Bells

Hi Robert -

This is like the culmination of a long saga...

When I purchased my home 12+ years ago, it was finished to the nines. All except a small, laminated card above the door bell that said, “the bell does not work, please knock.” One of the first tasks I undertook as a new homeowner was fixing that bell. I found two problems: first the wiring was wrong and second the chime was only hitting one note.

For the next seven years I enjoyed a functioning wired door bell. That seventh year I had some wood working done around the front door which required temporarily removing the door bell button. Upon completion of that work and replacement of the button, the chime no longer worked. I troubleshot the system as best I could and theorized the problem was with the transformer. The only problem being I had no idea where in my house the transformer was located.

Discouraged, I’ve made due for the past six years with a wireless door bell and chime. It fit the need, but wasn’t what I really wanted and always bothered me that the system I once fixed no longer worked.

Fast forward to earlier this week when my wife and I were troubleshooting a leaky dishwasher. I moved a drop ceiling tile in my basement aside to get a better look and lo and behold... the door bell transformer! The transformer was dangling from an electrical junction box above the drop ceiling. And sure enough, upon testing, the load side had no voltage.

One trip to the hardware store for a new transformer and an easy repair and my system was up and running. 

I did some Google searches to find your company and am really impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of your chimes. I ordered the Empire and couldn’t be happier with the end result! Thank you so much for making this fantastic product Robert!


~Tom S., Arlington Hill, Illinois

Made in USA    Shipped Worldwide



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