Two or Three Tubes for your ElectraChime Doorbell Chime

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In this post, we'll look at whether a two, or three bell, ElectraChime is best for your application. 

The center bell in ElectraChime doorbells is entirely decorative. All ElectraChime doorbells ring "ding-dong" for the front door and "ding" for an optional third bell. When a caller presses your doorbell button, a striker hits the shorter tube to produce the "ding" and when the button is released, the striker recoils to hit the longer tube for the "dong".

Even though the mechanics of two and three tube doorbells are identical, the aesthetics are quite different. 

Without question, a three bell chime presents a fuller look. On doorbells with larger cases like the Comet pictured above, this can provide extra balance. The same cover looks more modern, and perhaps a bit less formal with two tubes beneath. So if you subscribe to a minimalist design philosophy, a two bell doorbell assures the form follows function.

In Feng Shui, odd numbers give Yang energy and even numbers Yin. Thus, a two bell chime has more feminine energy while a three bell chime has more masculine energy. Cecilia Walker's blog, everything in threes goes deeper on the subject. 

Design principals hold that odd number compositions—and in particular the rule of three—adds motion and interest. This can be explained that your eye and brain can't pair odd numbers of elements. Above, I arranged three vintage Rid-Jid patio chairs to demonstrate. 

I'm not certain I've provided any clarity to the subject of two or three bells or just muddied the waters a little bit more. And I'll so my best to resist creating my own doctrine of the "ding and the dong".  So I will just leave you with this old saying I just made up:  

Your house is your castle, so furnish it as you will.


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