Doorbell Chimes for Niches, Nooks and Alcoves

ElectraChime Tubular doorbells are ideally suited for a doorbell niche, alcove, recess or nook. ElectraChimes are designed and proportioned to fit most existing wall recesses of at least 40 inches in height. Please contact us if you have a shorter or longer doorbell recess. We can usually customize the length of the bells to fit your individual needs.

Please check the specifications tab to make sure your preferred ElectraChime fits inside the dimensions of your niche. Empty space above, below and on either side of the doorbell is desirable.

If you are building a new home or extensively remodeling an existing home, please consider adding a door chime niche for an ElectraChime.

The doorbells in the collection below are specifically proportioned for the most common size wall niches.

Nook Diagram